SG3 Knowledge Network OG

The SG3 Knowledge Network OG, based in Graz, Austria, focuses on free online knowledge bases for materials. The idea is to provide platforms to collect open scientific and engineering material data by the community for the community.

We would like to encourage scientists and engineers to use our websites for information retrieval, providing data and if possible references to scientific publications, and maybe even help us with reviewing the submitted data. By now, we maintain two such web-portals (but more are to come):

Project is an open web information system for fluorescent dyes (fluorophores). The objective of the project is to provide a free, accurate, high utility and comprehensive catalogue of fluorescent dyes, their properties and applications. As in any project of the SG3 special emphasis will be laid on a holistic approach to the topic bridging chemistry, biotechnology, medicine and physics.
Data is collected by individual submission in a collaborative effort and is provided as Open Data. Everybody is welcome and encouraged to contribute. All records are reviewed after their submission to provide high quality data.

SG3 develops and maintains in a cooperation with the Institute of Analytical Chemistry and Food Chemistry at the Graz University of Technology, which initially started the project.

Project is the first project solely provided by the SG3. The objective of is to provide an accurate, high valuable, and comprehensive catalogue of piezoelectric materials, their properties, and applications.
By now it is the largest free online collection of data of commercially available piezoelectric materials and is open for submission of scientific data by the community.

Sponsors / Advertisment

In order to fund our projects we aim to raise money from companies for advertising on our websites but be sure that we do not aim to make mere advertising platforms out of our websites.

If you are interested in placing attractive ads or sponsored links, feel free to contact us.